Emma Ruth Rundle - Electric Guitar One LP

Repressing of Emma Ruth Rundle's first solo LP of Instrumental guitar on 12 Ox Blood Red Vinyl limited to 500!

ABOUT ELECTRIC GUITAR ONE: During the Red Sparowes EU tour of fall 2010. I spent a lot of time in the back seat of the van looking out the window and playing a little travel sized electric guitar. I recorded several meditative ambient improvisations which became one continuous piece of music about 30 min long. Think DeadMan soundtrack - textures, drones and melodies that break through, repeat and fade back into the drone. Its an instrumental guitar work, somewhat improvised and recorded in a moving van over the course of 6 weeks. For fans of Earth, Grouper, Bohren etc. and of course fans of Red Sparowes and the Nocturnes. Bryant Clifford Meyer was kind enough to help mix the thing when we got back home.

Released 01 March 2014

Emma Ruth Rundle- guitar, voice
Bryant Clifford Meyer- mixing
Released by- Errant Child Recordings